Lectionary, for August 31

Jeremiah 20:7-9; Psalm 63; Romans 12:1-2; Matthew 16:21-27 Some hard words in the lectionary for this coming Sunday; all in all it appears that God is about troubling the comfortable. We have words from Jeremiah, Paul and Jesus, all focusing on the same thing; it’s simple but not easy. Jeremiah the prophet is lamenting, whichContinue reading “Lectionary, for August 31”

and then there is Confirmation

The best part of all. A new group of confirmation kids has descended upon me. They are small. They are cute. They are smart. And, their numbers are growing. This was to be a small group this year, although I think I will stop believing the church leaders that tell me that. Each year theyContinue reading “and then there is Confirmation”

Children’s sermon – time

Been away from the children’s sermon for almost three months, and that is really a long time. Which is the topic of the message today – Time. The third chapter Ecclesiastes reveals that everything has a time that is right for it; growing, living, loving, even dying. We challenge time, all the time. We claimContinue reading “Children’s sermon – time”