Children’s sermon

I am away from my congregation this Sunday. I know, I have been away a lot lately. Because it is a long weekend, the last of our summer here in the US, I am taking time to reconnect with my friends, or selected family, in Texas. God gives us families, and then God gives us others that we can select as family. I haven’t seen my selected family since before I left, and given the hectic pace that will prove to be this Fall, this is probably my only shot until late November.

We will do family things. Mostly we intend to look at all the images that we have each captured doing our different things this summer. I took one long trip and they took a couple of smaller ones. Their actual family extended by one addition, whom I have only seen a couple of images of. And I will need extensive reports on the things that have changed in their day to day, since I have been away. Of course, we will share meals. Some elaborate with other people present to socialize with, and others quiet and small. We will gather with members of my family who will be nearby, and gather up extended friends, all in the name of reconnecting.

Time was the issue last Sunday. Don’t miss the times with those who should be closest to you.


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