Children’s sermon – time

Been away from the children’s sermon for almost three months, and that is really a long time. Which is the topic of the message today – Time. The third chapter Ecclesiastes reveals that everything has a time that is right for it; growing, living, loving, even dying. We challenge time, all the time. We claimContinue reading “Children’s sermon – time”

Children’s message – Can do tithing

ithing. I could ask how do you teach children to tithe, but the bigger question, the much bigger question is how do you teach adults to tithe? I grew up in a church where Christian formation was a life long event. Once you made your profession of faith, which you had to do on yourContinue reading “Children’s message – Can do tithing”

Children’s message – Can do missions

What does it mean to be in Mission? To be missional? A mission committee that I served with was actually asked that question for something as mundane as updating a website. What does it mean to be missional? And from there you can go into many different theological conversations, but for fun you might notContinue reading “Children’s message – Can do missions”