Epic Adventure begins

I realize that I have been away from the adventure for some time.  That’s not really the case, I think everyday is an adventure!  It’s simply that I have not been sharing that with you as of late.  Time for a change.

School is out for the summer.  And while school may be out, I am actually teaching summer school, which is terrific.  The students are amazing and the pay is mercenary.  Love it.  To this mix, I am throwing bags into the car and going on a road trip.  I do not travel alone, my cousin has joined me from Scotland, and two friends, one from England and the other from Australia are tossing their bags in too.  I have not settled on a “sexy” title for the adventure, simply the old church tour of Louisiana and Texas.  Together we will be searching out thin places closer to my home, and further from theirs.

And I am really excited about the great fun that lies ahead. I have been looking forward to this since last August.  So I invite you to join “us” here on the blog, as I continue exploring the places and ways God is moving among us.

Where is the next thin place?


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