Rationalization required

I have continued my practice of running. Since I no longer have the excuse that I am preparing for a long walk in Spain, I have searched for a new rationalization for continuing. Of course, I have set a few goals for myself, that seemed outrageous in January, but now are dangling just beyond my current skill level. With more work and practice, they can be achieved. Now I simply call it “training.” I am training to run a five mile and two 10K (about 6 miles) runs this fall. Part of that training is being a part of a group that supports me in my running. They host many different running opportunities, like fun run’s during the summer (that’s right I belong to a group of people that call running in the summer fun!), and donut runs on Sunday (that’s right people run so they can eat more donuts). So part of the reason I run is because this is a group of folks that I can relate to, and even though I might be the slowest in the pack, they continually encourage me. And beyond the club that I belong to I find runners in general to be supportive people. I went for a run this morning at a local park. It was a huge challenge for me as I had set a goal of running 4 miles. And I achieved the goal, with kind words and support from almost everyone that ran past me, and from several walkers that I passed.

What if your day to day was that cool? Strangers, people you didn’t even know, said “keep going,” “you can do it,” or even “lookin’ good” as you proceeded through your day. What if you managed to do that? Not even for strangers, just for the people you come in contact routinely throughout your day, a kind word to encourage them or just acknowledge their existence. I can get caught up in the busy rush of everyday and forget this kindness, but when I am running I depend on these acknowledgements. Doesn’t cost us a thing, just the awareness that we are crossing paths with someone, anyone.

Make those places thin.


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