Here I come, ready or not

This slogan was on a church sign, with Jesus’ arms outstretched, the stuff of the epic rapture films of the late 1970’s. Jesus is coming back, ready or not. I am not much on the eschatological theological concern (big seminary word, just means end times).  I did have a friend who had a t-shirt whichContinue reading “Here I come, ready or not”

Spring into life with Jesus

Seriously, the sign on the church was “Spring into life with Jesus,” complete with goofy graphic of Jesus bouncing around on big springs. Sort of like a crazed guru on a weird drug induced trip. When I saw the sign, my first thought was that’s inappropriate for Lent, because we were pre-Easter and I amContinue reading “Spring into life with Jesus”

I paid it all — Jesus Christ crucified

This slogan struck me because it is a take off from one of my favorite childhood hymns, Jesus Paid it All. What was the striking thing was the grim image of Jesus hanging on the cross, blood dripping and the phrase “I paid it all – Jesus Christ crucified.” That’s great. But I am notContinue reading “I paid it all — Jesus Christ crucified”