Seriously NOT my cup of tea

9. Get to know who your political representatives are at both the local and national level. Study their policy decisions and examine their moral compass and public leadership. Make your public convictions and commitments known to them and choose to hold them accountable. Politics. Seriously something I choose with intent to stay away from. iContinue reading “Seriously NOT my cup of tea”

Take seriously the place you live

4. Take seriously the place you live. Make the context of your life and work the “parish” for which you take responsibility. So often we look well past were we live in favor of far off exotic places. Yes, there are hungry children in Africa, and there are also hungry children in my home town.Continue reading “Take seriously the place you live”

Fidelity in relationships, regardless

2. If you are married, be faithful to your spouse. Demonstrate your commitment with both your fidelity and your love. If you are single, measure your relationships by their integrity, not their usefulness. Well, I am not married, so clearly the second half is more relevant to me. This is actually one of the questionsContinue reading “Fidelity in relationships, regardless”