Children’s sermon – time

Been away from the children’s sermon for almost three months, and that is really a long time. Which is the topic of the message today – Time. The third chapter Ecclesiastes reveals that everything has a time that is right for it; growing, living, loving, even dying. We challenge time, all the time. We claim to have not enough. We often claim others waste it. Time is spent working. Time is spent in school. Time is spent cleaning. Time is spent away. Time is out of our grasp. Out of our control. We can only live out time. We don’t create it, we can’t get more of it. Time is.

Trouble is when we as Christians read the third chapter of Ecclesiastes we get lost in the beauty of the first 8 verses, the entire poetry of those verses captivates us. We get so caught up we do not keep reading the remainder of the chapter. God gives us time, time for everything. God gives us the memory of the past and thoughts toward the future. God wants us using our time, not sitting around worrying about time. Jesus told the disciples, don’t worry about time, there is nothing you can do about time. In making our time count for God by following Jesus, we can live out our time to the fullest. Don’t waste time making a “bucket list,” God didn’t call you to a bucket list. God called you to use your time, well and to the fullest, loving others and worshiping God.

Those are commandments. Go. You have the time.


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