Take seriously the place you live

4. Take seriously the place you live. Make the context of your life and work the “parish” for which you take responsibility.

So often we look well past were we live in favor of far off exotic places. Yes, there are hungry children in Africa, and there are also hungry children in my home town. There are people in need of gainful employment in my city. I don’t have to look far. Please don’t read into this don’t go far away and help others. Hear what Jesus said, “Jerusalem (where you live), Samaria (near where you live), the ends of the earth .” We have to start at home. Here are some things to consider.
A. Every morning I go for a walk around my immediate neighborhood. Just me and Roux (the dog). We walk 1.5 miles (and to be increased to 2 miles). And as we walk I pray. I pray for the few people that I meet. I pray for the houses I walk past.
B. Support local business and people where possible, and to that I also include use resale shops when possible. Many of them support good causes. Learn about organizations that you support, who are the people and what do they stand for.
C. Discover needs, don’t just assume a course of action. Asking a nursing home if they would like fresh flowers from your garden or old magazines is much better than just dragging your old stuff on them.
For me, I am going to be more mindful and vocal about recycling. This is not widely practices in my community and should be this will become my responsibility for me and my neighborhood.
What will your “parish” responsibility become?


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