Vocational development

5. Seek to develop a vocation and not just a career Discern your gifts as a child of God, not just your talents and listen for your calling rather than just looking for opportunities. Remember that your personal good always relates to the common good. (Wallis, 2014)

Oh, how I have struggled so with this one. I am always on the look out for opportunities, for myself and others. Not always listening for or aware of the call of God. Sometimes God grows weary of my lack of attention, I fear, and gives me sharp whack on the back of the head to regain my attention.
I have become more aware of my teaching career as a vocation both in and out of the church. I clearly see my calling to teach as a ministry in the world. Further, I am becoming more aware of my writing as an extension of that vocation and have made some pretty heady and lofty goals to continue the practice. It hasn’t been easy by any means as it takes far more time and energy than I had imagined. I do have a real sense that God is going somewhere with this and I am learning to be faithful to the practice.
But that doesn’t mean I still don’t go off chasing wild geese. Often with quiet time available I will run about looking for some other, reasonable and valid, means of filling that time. When one task comes to a conclusion, I am not comfortable with a void of time and space. I long to fill it; to find exactly the opportunity to consume time (and make money). But slowly, very, very slowly I am learning to listen for the call.
I am going to pay more attention for the call, how about you?


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