Acting on your beliefs

3. If you are a person of faith, focus not just on what you believe but on how you act on those beliefs. If you love God, ask God how to love your neighbor.

There is a song which I enjoy and my favorite line is “the only measure of your words and your deeds is the love you leave behind when you are gone.” I am a firm believer in acting on my beliefs, but often I think we get it confused with acting overly moral or overly judgemental. I want to act on my belief in ways that God can say “Yep! That’s what I was talking about.”
Recently spent some time with a woman who wouldn’t particularly label herself a church person. She was a bit nervous about hanging with a crowd of self identified church people among which were several clergy. But in the end she said we were quite normal and I am certain that she meant it in a complementary way. What she carried away with her was that we loved her, we were glad she came with us and ultimately God loves her.
What one thing can I do? I am going to engage in one mission activity a month reaching out to those neighbors I don’t know yet.
How are you going to live out your faith?


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