To celebrate is to put joy into motion.  This is Moses.

084And Moses is dancing.  He is celebrating, and fact is when compared to an American standard, he has nothing to celebrate.

Moses was found in the doorway of an orphanage in India, in a cardboard box.  Moses in the bullrushes.  And that is how he got his name.  Fortunately for him, those who abandoned him knew to leave him at this particular orphanage.  They were known to be Christians, and would not turn away any child.  He is wearing his Christmas sweater, and is dancing at the wedding of one of the other children (adult) from the orphanage.  Moses will receive an education, and enough of a financial start to make a go of it in the world.  Maybe Moses has much to celebrate.

We can celebrate along with Moses.  Because of the love of Christ in the world, there is a place, more than one place, in India where unwanted children may be left.  There are places in Cambodia where young men and women are educated in professions that will earn them a living wage.  And more than that, we need to learn to celebrate how we are a part of that action in the world.  Celebrate is joy in action.  Take action.  Create thin places, for yourself and others.



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