I paid it all — Jesus Christ crucified

This slogan struck me because it is a take off from one of my favorite childhood hymns, Jesus Paid it All. What was the striking thing was the grim image of Jesus hanging on the cross, blood dripping and the phrase “I paid it all – Jesus Christ crucified.” That’s great. But I am notContinue reading “I paid it all — Jesus Christ crucified”

Jesus is real

Jesus is real. That’s what the big sign on the side of the interstate proclaimed. Homemade sign, about the size of a commercial billboard. Black background. White letters. No church affiliation. No website. Simply, “Jesus is real.” Don’t know who to credit for this revelation. It is in a relatively well trafficked area, which willContinue reading “Jesus is real”

Good Shepherd Sunday

Acts 2:14, 36-41, Psalm 23, 1 Peter 2:20-25, John 10:1-10   In our liturgical celebration this is Good Shepherd Sunday, recognizing Jesus as our Good Shepherd. The texts for this day focus on shepherd’s or the result of being under the influence of the Good Shepherd. Of course, the Psalm is the 23rd, which isContinue reading “Good Shepherd Sunday”