The goodbyes grow more difficult

Saying farewell to the vollies last week was particularly difficult. These were folks I had spent an entire four weeks with and a few were ones that I had known on journey’s past. I have recounted previously how well we say goodbye here. We realize that it is inevitable. We actually begin saying “so long” about five days ahead. We plan celebrations some elaborate, some routine We say goodbye each week to those we have welcomed in hospitality and goodbye to those whom have shared the load with us. We learn to hold tightly and release quickly; it is no small thing.
And soon — all too soon it will be my turn. My goodbye to Iona and friends old and new lies ahead, approaching more rapidly than imagined. I have learned many new skills, some I hope to never use again. And I have had to rely on old skills that I thought were forgottne.
The thin place becomes having an awareness about the goodbyes you are facing, some you are aware of and others you may not know of. All things culminate in this.


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