Past meets present

So you come to Iona as a volunteer and you will spend 6, 8, 10 weeks in community with people from all over the world (my current roommates include an Italian, German, Canadian and Finn). Who, you begin to realize, you may never meet again when you wave farewell at the jetty. I am thankful for the variety of social media which allows for communication with these folks. You share a common bond of having served in a very strange and different kind of place.
I have already recounted in this blog how people I met on Iona have taken me in all along this summers journey. How I have even stayed in their homes. A dear treat on this journey has been seeing those I have met in the past come to Iona this summer either as volunteers or simply as a visitor for a few days. We can catch up face to face for an hour or so about how our life’s have continued on in absence of one another. And we share information about what other former volunteers we are in contact with have been doing in the passage of time since we were once together.
Our location in the world and our webs of inter-relationships can become a thin place. Will you let it be so?


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