If you have been following my blog for any length of time you are probably aware of my love/hate relationship with porridge. All that is about to change.
For the unaware, porridge is a Scottish breakfast dish, and although made from oats it bears only a passing relationship to its North American cousin, oatmeal. Porridge tends to be much thicker and lumpier, resembling a bubbling caldron of lava, with a viscosity of cold molasses. It’s purpose is to keep you warm and full until lunch, and it is very good at its job.
And for the majority of my life until present I hated it. Loved the aroma, despised the product. I was forced fed porridge as a child and could only recall it as a tasteless paste. Well, that has changed. Through the course of the past year it has become apparent to me that many of my food dislikes were the result of my mothers inability to cook. When presented with well prepared food, I actually enjoy foods that I previously shunned. Including porridge.
I prepared and ate my own porridge most of the winter and this week ate my first official bowl of Scottish prepared Iona porridge. Yummy. And it did its job. Warm. Not hungry.
Makes me wonder how many of our (my) previous notions are based upon something which no longer holds true. but we are all so entrenched in what we believed to be true that we can’t see or explore the possibliities.
Let’s look for thin places where we thought they could not be.


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