What is important enough?

10. Since the difference between events and movements is that movements involve sacrifice which also connects to the true meaning of religion and what makes for social change– ask yourself what is important enough to give your life to and for.

Talk about in depth and hardcore this sort of cuts to the chase. Let me see if I can bring my thoughts from the past few days together.
A. Certainly the well being and education of children, youth and adults so that they are prepared for careers in which they can earn a living wage.
B. Ensuring that I personally do what i can for the environment and the earth through practices that include reducing waste, recycling when possible and using material goods.
C. Practicing the notion that less is more and to not be possessed by my possesions.
D. Explore the position political leaders in local government and determine if they are aware of these critical areas of concern, and seek out ways to educate them or work towards a common good. E. And ultimately to do all this in the guise of the Great Commission and the Great Commandment; Love God, Love my neighbor, tell Everyone!

This is what I will commit to! What are the things you will commit to? I will promise to update in six months.


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