Seriously NOT my cup of tea

9. Get to know who your political representatives are at both the local and national level. Study their policy decisions and examine their moral compass and public leadership. Make your public convictions and commitments known to them and choose to hold them accountable.

Politics. Seriously something I choose with intent to stay away from. i believe they are ALL rotten to the very core and each and everyone of them are useless. Don’t get me wrong, I believe they started out with noble intentions, but power, greed and corruption have limited their views and their values. At least I hope that is what happened because otherwise I see no explanation why adults behave so small-mindedly and allow so many to suffer. Decisions are made on the sole basis of who can give me enough cash to get me reelected or a better job when I can no longer serve. They do not represent the people, they represent their own enlightened self interest.
All that ranting aside, I will commit to starting at the local level — city council and school board and get to know more about my representatives. I will find out more about those who represent me and see what their positions are on issued that “break my heart” such as education and environment. I will seek out others who have similar concerns and caucus our elected officials to make decisions that benefit those in need.
This is a tough one. What will you consider doing for political improvement?


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