Where do you work?

7. Look at the business, company or organization where you work from an ethical perspective. Ask what its vocation is, too. Challenge whatever is dishonest or exploitative and help your place of work do well by doing good.

What a hard call this is! Pretty much anywhere you work, serve a local congregation, can practice things that are not upright or exploit others. Christians can actually be very good at exploitation, so let’s put a check on that. The difficulty here is regardless of where you are employed no one likes to have attention drawn to things that are not done justly or honestly. Even “GOOD” people turn there backs on things they know to be unfair or bad practice because they don’t want to deal, and still other GOOD people avoid drawing attention to things that are unjust, exploitive or plain wrong because others may talk. So here is my strategy.
A. I will speak up in loving and caring ways about injustice and dishonesty.
B. I will not speak against others who point out activities that but will be sympathetic.
C. I will draw attention to the things my organization/employer does well in the realm of justice issues.
This is another difficult one. Will you seek such a thin place?


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