Fidelity in relationships, regardless

2. If you are married, be faithful to your spouse. Demonstrate your commitment with both your fidelity and your love. If you are single, measure your relationships by their integrity, not their usefulness.

Well, I am not married, so clearly the second half is more relevant to me. This is actually one of the questions we answer at our ordination “will you be faithful in marriage and celibate in singleness.” And while there is an entire political controversy swarming around that phrase and its presence in our polity docment, I believe, for myself, that it boils down to basic integrity. When anyone of us begins to use people, to whatever end; emotional, financial, even sexual gain, we are no longer seeing them as Children of God but as objects for manipulation. Now granted, as a friend of mine has said,
“that whole celibacy thing ain’t nearly as difficult as I had hoped it would be,” but it is still something that I struggle with. I don’t want to go all Jimmy Carter on you (yep, the President Jimmy Carter), but when look at a man with less than “G” or even PG thoughts, then I have turned him into an object. The same is true when I call in or demand a favor with no thoughts or returning it or what it cost the other person, I am using them.
So I am putting aside wrongful use of others for relationships built upon integrity.
God help me!
What will you do?


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