Saying goodbye

The downside of living and working together in a fluid community is that people are continually entering and leaving your life. We have guests that arrive on each Saturday, we get to know them and they leave on Friday. But more significantly those that we work with day-to-day also leave. This is difficult. Sometimes very difficult. I said farewell to four people on Wednesday and it was powerfully moving, and I had known three of them for less than a week. I worked near to two of the three people, but still it was difficult. This week will be even more emotional as one of those leaving will be a roommate and the other will be part of my workteam, in fact, she has taught me a great deal. My line manager says she hates goodbyes. She says it quietly and reverently.
And while I agree, I realize it is a microcosm of life. Throughout our life we have to say so long, farewell, adios, goodbye Sometimes for a little while. Sometimes forever. Living here as taught me that the luxury of a great good bye is to be embraced. To say farewell to our friends we plan elaborate celebrations, make cards, enjoy a cold beverage and we wave them off at the jetty. Its loads of fun. And it hurts.
It is no small thing when saying goodbye is so hard.


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