Oh the places you will stay

This, by far, has been one of my most extreme, prolonged and adventurous travels, to say nothing of the diversity of tasks that I engaged in while away. I was on a walking pilgrimage through Spain which required hiking boots and trekking poles, a day pack and a few varied food stores. From there I was to become a “couch surfer” for a couple of weeks and then transition to a volunteer remaining in one place for six weeks. This to be followed by few days of tourism before heading home.
Some thought did go into this variety of travel. Most of my clothing was versatile enough to serve all of these purposes. I could learn to wear my boots for many different tasks, including wearing them on airplanes even when required to take them off for security. I switched from a rolling duffle to a massive backpack, which I can carry, but still managed to pack too much. I have learned the skill of wad and stuff pakcing, but things are being left along the way or mailed home. Many of the remaining items will be left to charitable organizations prior to leaving.
By far the most amazing thing has been all the places that I have stayed (apologies to Dr. Suess). Since leaving home I have slept in 16 different beds. I have been in a 16th century farmhouse, small town hotels, luxurious B & B, simple B&B, a refurbished nursery school and homes of both friends and family. I have had Murphy beds, bunk beds, twin and double beds. I have been smothered by massive duvets, and wrapped in gauze-like bed sheets that were gossamer in weight.
And in all this I was comfortable and happy, but was overjoyed when the time came that I could unpack and stay put for a while.
Even if only for awhile.


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