Departing Santiago

It is an odd thing to travel across a country by walking. Not sure it could be easily managed in most places, beyond planning hiking trails or things designed for that very purpose. I believe we stayed in 7 or 8 different hostals along theway, each with very loving and caring folks who spoke English to varying degrees. It was a treat to spend 3 nights in Santiago and not get our gear together and move on each day.
But our time has come to a close and we each must move on. Most will return to the US. One will go to the Phillipines on the way home to Australia, visiting her family. Two will go on a planned holiday in Aberdeen and two will remain a few days longer in Spain. And even though tired and tried it is difficult to say farewell. No where else are their 8 or 9 folks who know what this pilgrimage was like. These folks will be, are indeed, burdened with sharing the gospel in the world now through the eyes of a pilgrim of the Camino de Santiago.
Buen Camino


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