Two holy islands, a beautiful contrast

Earlier this summer I visited Lindisfarne Island, Holy Island, on the east coast of Scotland/England, a place of pilgrimage for Christians related to the Isle of Iona by a common heritage of Christian evangelism. In the last few days I have visited Holy Island, just off the village of Lamlash on the Island of ArranContinue reading “Two holy islands, a beautiful contrast”

Always a friendly face

I have zig-zagged back and forth across the UK. Landed at Manchester, England I caught the train at the station to go to Sheffield. The journey continued from Manchester to Berwick-upon-Tweed, then to Edinburgh, Aberdeeen, Glasgow and finally Ayr. Since we don’t routinely use train transport in my part of the US, these are uniqueContinue reading “Always a friendly face”

How will you behave in the world?

A pressing question for me is how will what you have experienced effect or affect your daily routine. Does a 10 day walk through the Spanish countryside to arrive at one of the three holiest places in the world actually make a difference? Here are the things I have learned, and hope to extend intoContinue reading “How will you behave in the world?”

Loads of People and practicing our language

I don’t speak Spanish. I have some Spanish vocabulary, probably equal to a 4 or 5 year old. So throughout our journey I have had to search my limited vocabulary for enough words to obtain necessary information, such as what time a meal would be. I was assisted by very forgiving Spaniards who were politeContinue reading “Loads of People and practicing our language”