A little church traveling music

Today seemed like an incredibly long day. We walked about 21.5 km or about 13-14 miles. Fairly certain it was all up hill, except for a desperately long down hill bit, which we knew did not sit well for our future. We walked through woods, along side streams, and attempted to gain access to two different tiny churches, but our timing or our Spanish failed us. It was windy, cool, warmish, smelly and bright, all at different intervals. We ate like kings at a village called Seix before we climbed the hill out of the town.
Early in the day we sang the hymns that we knew, and hummed along with the ones we couldn’t quite recall. Eventually we made up words to familiar tunes. But we were tired, and exhausted, and a wee bit silly as we neared our destination for the evening. A lovely farmhouse converted to a bed and breakfast.
And today was the first day we have really met other pilgrims from other countries. We met two Londoners. A couple from France. A group of young Portuguese men traveling on bicycle. And a fellow from the Netherlands. So it felt good to see the others on the way with us. Our excitement is building as we are one day, about 8 – 9 miles outside of Sanitago.


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