And this is what we do

We have developed a routine on the camino. It is not unlike the routines we have in our daily life. You know, you get up, you get coffee, you read or watch the news, to get dressed and you go to work or school or church. You probably do it five or six days a week. Only one or two of the days might be slightly different. It is your routine.
Much of our routine is dictated by the culture we are in. The Spanish people get up later in the morning and eat later in the day than we are used to and that we need to accomplish our goal. The principle negotiation that takes place when we arrive at our new accomodation, is what time can we have dinner. Negotiations start at 7 p.m., and on most occasions I can get it set to 7:30 p.m., although last night the young woman told me that was much to early. The second negotiation is when can we have breakfast. This is particularly important on days when we will be walking 12 – 13 miles, the earlier the start the better. The best we have been able to do is 7 a.m.
Our daily routine begins with getting dressed and lacing up our boots, with the knowledge we will spend a good 8 – 10 hours in our boots. Breakfast, which is typically orange juice, toast and perhaps some cured meat with the occasional fresh fruit. Coffee is typically served following breakfast, although on a couple of occasions it has appeared earlier. And then we walk. A lot. We find a place to share bread, cheese and chorizo usually at a local bar, where coffee, wine or beer is served. And then we walk. A lot more. Until we reach our destination, check in, take long showers and hot baths, until dinner. We laugh and enjoy the company of one another as if we have not seen one another all day. We enjoy our meal and then head to bed.
Just to do it all again tomorrow. We judge a bad day by the kilometers to walk and the weather we walk it in.


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