From here to there

We have just completed our third day of walking the Camino pilgrimage. About 7 miles the first day, 13 the second and 7 today. And there is much we have learned. First, the rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain is a load of rubbish. Haven’t actually seen a plain, rolling hill upon rolling hill, and it rains everywhere, almost all the time. A couple of times we thought our path was a stream bed, complete with little mini-cascades. Second, we have learned that a couple of our team are mountain goats and climb steadily, while others of us are sure that each footfall could lead to a slip and fall. Third, we are learning you can only push on to a point, and then you will need water, coffee, bathroom and a dry place to sit, not necessarily in that order. Fourth, we are learning that you can do far more than you imagine that you can do, that you have little muscles that are going to ache the moment you become still and that a well placed hymn can make all the difference.
I won’t speak for my fellow piligrims. I don’t do a lot of contemplating during the days walk. Well, I do, but it’s not all that holy, I contemplate foot placement and management of my day pack and hiking poles. You can take a person out with these two necessities. But once the movement stops, during the hot shower, the refreshing company prior to the meal, and as I lay my head down; there is nothing but contemplation.
Along with eight companions, I am walking a holy pilgrimage. Others have gone before, others will follow.
And that is thin place.


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