Moving at a different pace

Initially when planning this pilgrimage, the plan was to arrive on the Monday evening and be hiking on the Tuesday. But in looking about this great town of Ourense (Or-n-say), there was much that needed seeing and doing, so an additional tourista day was inserted into our schedule. And I am so glad that it was. We have spent the day walking around the town, seeing the famous sites. That’s right, walking. Sort of a busman’s holiday.
We went to the magnificent St Martin’s cathedral, which was stunning. We walked across a bridge built by the Roman’s when they conquered this city eons ago. We visited an ancient hot springs, and tried to find the modern hot springs but no go. We did a little tourista shopping. All in all it was worth an extra day. We did have to work around siesta time, which was a real event, from about 2 – 4:30 p.m.
Our lodging is in the middle of the city, in a pedestrian quarter. Vehicles can enter only periodically and must have a controller that lowers and raises barriers. The rooms are fresh, clean and European small, which is all you need. It is delightful.
The language issue is entertaining. I have enough Spanish vocabulary that I eventually, with hand gestures get my point across, but it brings to mind the difficulties faced by those who don’t speak the principal language. The locals are good natured about our lack of language and work with us.
Most of all it is great to explore new places with comforting faces. Friends, new and old, make the journey better.


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