Hurry up and wait

So travels begin, with a lot of waiting. Now at this point you would imagine that you would become good at waiting, you have waited this long for the time to arrive. But not so much. As time draws closer, things seem to take longer.
The law of averages was actually working in our favor, the car service picked us up early. There was no one in the queue at baggage checkin. By some means, we were all pre-checked through TSA so there was minimum fuss. And then we boarded the aircraft. Seems the good folks at our arrival airport have closed a runway leaving only one, so we sit and wait. Hundreds of miles away, waiting for our window to open.
There has been over a year of planning gone into this little walk through Spain. There has been hundreds, well if not hundreds a bunch, of miles walked and run. There have been emails, certainly numbering in the hundreds, to coordinate all efforts. And ultimately it boils down to getting there. So now I must be paitent.
Patience is not a strength of mine, largely because it requires me to give a little more thought to what is about to take place. And because I am a pessimist by nature, I often think of all that could not happen as anticipated. I can be spontaneous, but prefer my spontaneity in very small, and if at all possible, well-planned doses. Maybe the edge of spontaneity and planning is where the thin places begin to emerge.
I will wait. Buen Camino


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