Here I come, ready or not

This slogan was on a church sign, with Jesus’ arms outstretched, the stuff of the epic rapture films of the late 1970’s. Jesus is coming back, ready or not. I am not much on the eschatological theological concern (big seminary word, just means end times).  I did have a friend who had a t-shirt which read “Jesus is coming, look busy,” which I think all too often characterizes peoples understanding about Jesus.  Jesus promised that he will come back some day. Jesus also said for us not to worry about when, that God had this. I’m good with the promise; Jesus said it, that settles it. It’s like that country song, “Everybody wants to get to heaven, nobody wants to go now.”

Anyway I got much bigger things to worry about; like how do you live out Love God, Love your neighbor? I fully believe that instead of checking my watch, or Googling events in the world that reveal the time is near, I am supposed to be doing those things that make heaven here on earth. Why wait for heaven, when we are charged with creating heaven? And it’s not big things, its a lot of little things. There is a cascading effect of how we act in the world, how others will respond to how we act with how they act to others and so on. Can we change the world? Yes, this tiny little piece of the world that I am in, God can change that through me.

Maybe the thin places are not places. Maybe the thin places are where you and I are standing?


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