Spring into life with Jesus

Seriously, the sign on the church was “Spring into life with Jesus,” complete with goofy graphic of Jesus bouncing around on big springs. Sort of like a crazed guru on a weird drug induced trip. When I saw the sign, my first thought was that’s inappropriate for Lent, because we were pre-Easter and I am liturgical that way. My second thought was at least they are looking forward towards Spring, because the temperatures were hovering around freezing. It finally occurred to me that perhaps we shouldn’t have Jesus bouncing about in front of our churches. I know, that’s a lot of thought for one church sign put up by someone who doesn’t have to worry about all the strange thoughts that run through my head.

It is a tag line that would make a great hymn, well, at least a great contemporary song. Spring into life with Jesus. Honestly, can’t you imagine a bunch of children bouncing around at Vacation Bible school. Spring into life with Jesus. It denotes hope. Change. Action. Springiness. And I like that. All too often we approach the Christian life as if we had been sentenced to death. We have to go to church. We have to tithe. We have to… Seriously. Spring into life with Jesus. It is not about what you have to do in this life, its about what you get to do. I get to be hopeful about my days. I get to participate in events that change the lives of people I come in contact with. I get to engage in actions that change the world I live in. I get to have an excuse to be wacky and crazy and springy. When someone asks “what’s wrong with her?” I want it to be because I am springing into life with Jesus, not because my springs are worn out.

And that’s where the thin places will be found.


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