I paid it all — Jesus Christ crucified

This slogan struck me because it is a take off from one of my favorite childhood hymns, Jesus Paid it All. What was the striking thing was the grim image of Jesus hanging on the cross, blood dripping and the phrase “I paid it all – Jesus Christ crucified.” That’s great. But I am not really into celebrating Good Friday, seems a little grim. Oh, I believe you must go through Good Friday to get to Easter Sunday, but I don’t linger there any longer than the day requires. No, I am much more about Jesus Christ resurrected. But then you don’t have all that grim blood and goo on your church sign.

This is a concept that I talk with the confirmation kids about, that whole atonement issue. It’s one of those simple, but not easy concepts of faith. In the simplest of terms, Jesus death on the cross covers our entire debt of sin. Paid. In. Full. We only have to take the step of faith required to believe that as the principle fact of our life. It’s not easy, because as rationale and thinking beings we generate a bucket load of questions about that very thing. Why? How come? What the heck? In the simplest of terms it is a life changing decision, in the abstract it’s not an easy decision but a life altering one.

So, the crucifixion is important, but it’s what happens afterwards… that’s the thin place.


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