Trucking for Jesus

It was on the mud flaps of a big 18 wheeled truck, “trucking for Jesus,” which I found so much less offensive than those silhouetted images of naked women which seem to be found in that location. Trucking for Jesus.

The literalist in me instantly said, “no your not, your trucking for …” whatever massive trucking company he or she was driving for, but I quickly checked myself. At least this person was “wearing” their faith in a way that wasn’t oppressive or demeaning. And that is a fine line to walk. How can we be Christ alive in the world today in ways that are effective and not harmful? I do believe we have to walk a very narrow line. For example, I personally don’t believe that the Kingdom of God is done any favors by Christians who take up picket signs outside of funerals or weddings to point out how the God they follow doesn’t like somethings. But I also believe that the Kingdom of God is furthered by Christians who take up picket signs and march against things that the God they follow doesn’t like. And all too easily it can become a judgment.

I live in this in between place all the time. I work for the state, and I am a Christian. An ordained Christian at that. There are some fairly specific rules about the church and government, but there are also some very thin lines about how those rules are handled. I don’t shy away from my faith, but I also don’t whang anyone over the head with it at work. My office is “littered” with religious artifacts, and frequently students come and ask me to pray for or with them. So, while I don’t have Trucking for Jesus on my mudflaps, I do have my faith out there.

Not so sure it’s a thin place, but I’m looking for it.


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