Egg Mayo

It started with a simple request. Would you make egg mayo for me? Egg mayo, for you folks from the US, is what typically would be called egg salad. In Britain, it’s egg mayo. I love egg mayo. So a friend of mine made me a simple egg mayo. I say simple because the last time she or I made egg mayo it was for 50 people, not two. And it was wonderful. It was such a treat to come home from church on a Sunday and have an egg mayo sandwich.

But then! Her creativity factor kicked in and the simple factor disappeared. Not in volume, but in flavors. First, there was Mexican egg mayo, with a hint of jalapeno. Next, was the Indian curry egg mayo. Then Greek egg mayo. Italian egg mayo was not stellar, it was good, but didn’t rise to the the caliber of the others. The olives changed it to something different from an egg mayo. But to recover, there was shwarma egg mayo. Oh yeah. And what was a sandwich at lunch, became eating egg mayo because it was there, and because you weren’t sure of its culture of origin.

It was kind of like us. On the surface all the egg mayo’s looked similar, you know, creamy egg magic, but you really had to get to know them to appreciate the variety. People, sort of all look the same, the basic package is the same. You have to take a bit of time to get to know them, so you can learn their different flavors.



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