Joy of Success

As much as I may go on about the difficulties and distress of teaching, you do get to experience those glimmering moments of success. And the majority of my many, many students will be successful this semester and into the future. I told them in January, as I do at the start of each semester, if you will listen to what I tell you this will fall into place. You will make it. And most of them have done so, and now it is paying off. Some are shocked at how well they have done, and how easily it came to them. Many of them have recently discovered they are admitted into clinicals and their next steps will be more frightening and challenging, but they are ready.

Graduation is approaching for several of them, and they are profoundly excited and a little bit saddened. It is easy to get wrapped up into the school thing and forget about the life thing, although most of my students bring that life thing with them to class. Then the concern of proving to the real world that you can apply what you have learned.

It really brings me great joy to see them move on. They aren’t static or stuck. Their success in school will bring them to new starts, new places and more many of them new lives. I am honored to be a tiny part of making their newness possible.


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