The Journey begins here

Acts 2:14, 22-23, Psalm 16, 1 Peter 1:17-21, Luke 24:13-35


Rather than staying in one place, which seems like where we may have been headed last week; community in one place, disciples in one place. This week it becomes more clear, that the life of a Christian is a journey; realistically and metaphorically. All of the lectionary texts for this week speak to that Journey and how Christ through the Spirit is ever present with us on that journey.

I find the reading from the Psalm this week to be most informative. Often we overlook the Old Testament text, particularly during this Eastertide season when so much is focused on the emerging, first century, Christian church. This psalm focuses reveals a great trust in God who has promised to love us and be with us. And in contrast to last week when we peeked in on the “give up all and live together”ideal, this Psalm is written by one who counts their abundance as a gift, a blessing from God. When we use what we have received to bless others, I believe that is why we received it in the first place. When we use our riches to harm others, even when we don’t use them to bless others, that denies the God who gave them to us.

Mostly I find a sense of movement in this Psalm, I can feel the poetry moving along, as we move through life. The assurance is present in this text that no matter where we are, God is there and God will sustain us. Knowing that, feeling that, depending on that very thing causes us, causes me to live in ways that honor the provider God. My delight in the Lord God comes from living as that God desires me to live. To seek justice and peace. To proclaim Jesus Christ, crucified and risen. To follow the path that God will show me.

And pretty sure, that is a thin place.



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