This was the beginning of a very long day, actually a 40+ hour day, which means it was almost two days. We were sailing along the coast of Texas, and it was decided, unilaterally, which is how Captains make decisions, that we would not put in to port until we reached our destination. We left our slip in the dark, and were about two hours out when I popped my head though the hatch in my berth and captured the sunrise. It is one of my favorite starts to a day, and one of my favorite memories.

Whether you capture it or not, each day begins with the sunrise, so the beginning is essentially the same. And they all end, again with the sun, disappearing under the horizon. It’s what you accomplish in between those two moments that will make all the difference. To you. To those you meet. To the world. To the small corner you occupy.

What will you do in the thin places you are placed in?



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