Part of the confirmation education that I lead is visiting different congregations and learning about how their tradition fits into our United Methodist tradition. We visit an Episcopal church, a Catholic church and a Jewish synagogue, which is by far everyone’s favorite. The Rabbi there was first an educator, before she become the Rabbi, so she loves talking with the kids. And one of my favorite quotes that she offers when asked about wearing head coverings during worship is “we always want to do our best for God, especially during worship.” I can’t tell you how often I have repeated that in worship meetings, in clergy meetings and in church council meetings.

All too often we get caught up in what part of worship we don’t quite like, and make it all about that. When in reality it is all about God, and about us offering our best to God, every single time we are gathered for that purpose. No matter where we are gathered for that purpose. Even if we didn’t gather for the purpose of worship but it became that anyway.


This is an outdoor worship space where a friend of mine led Easter sunrise service. It was dark, one of those Sundays the sun didn’t quite cooperate. It was early, which is when sunrise occurs. And it was cold. Bitter, windy cold. And it was one of the most worshipful experiences I have ever had.


God is gonna be there. Count on it. Make sure you are there, with your best.


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