Interestingly enough I didn’t have a single image that related to habit, at least for me. Says a little something about my habit of taking all sorts of images.

I have set aside this year to rearranging habits, to jettison some of the not quite good ones, and pick up some that may serve better. Overall I have decided to become “healthier and happier,” in whatever way those two things may be linked. First, each month I have decided to give up something of questionable healthiness for just that month. If I decide to forego it longer, that’s okay. Eliminated carbonated sodas in January. Gave up red meat for the month of February. March was no food wrapped in paper, which was far more difficult than I want to give fast food credit for. And April is no alcohol month. Part of the practice is to show myself that I can do it, and to see the impact that the absence has upon me.

But habits aren’t all about being bad, there are good habits. I continue my morning walks, currently with a growing puppy who is not quite ready for the 1.5 miles. I am about a month away from my goal of 6 5K races before departing for Spain. I plan to increase my running habit, even challenged by the fact that I will not be in my own territory for quite a while, and some of the space I will be occupying is at a much higher altitude. I have attempted to engrain the habit of daily writing, although it seems to flow better in spurts rather than streams. My habit of not having more than I need continues, assisted greatly by working enough to keep me out of retail spaces. And I am reading from the lectionary daily, even when I find it frustrating.

Maybe its enough to examine our habits. Maybe its enough that we know we have habits and not allow them to control us. Certainly, there are habits I no longer need, and some that I need to foster.

God help me to know the difference.


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