This is an amazing group of people that I spent some days with. This picture has a representative of most of the major continents and cultures of the world. The group of us, and there were others, were thrown together coincidentally but not accidentally, and we became friends. I still keep in touch with most of them, primarily by being friends on social media.

We were celebrating Christmas in July, because we knew that we would not be together in December to celebrate Christmas. We had cultural moments from each of our homelands. We had “traditional” Christmas dinner, based on the culture we were residing. We even had a delightful Christmas message from the “Queen,” or a facsimile there of. It didn’t seem like a thin place at the time.

As life would have it, this was the last Christmas celebration for one of the young men in the image. We didn’t know that at the time. We didn’t suspect it at the time. But this became a thin place because of what lies outside the image.

The person with the most friends wins.


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