I captured this image while on a walk. I love plants. I am fairly good at keeping them alive. I am not good at remembering their species and types. I know when they need water and when they need a little plant food, and even when they need a little trimming. But unless I have written what they are on the planter, they are just plants.


It seemed almost to me that one plant was reaching for the other. The reaching plant is some type of succulent, cactus plant, aloe vera like in appearance but not. It seems to be reaching out to the squaty, prickly cactus. Should they come in contact, there will be some forgiveness needed. When I saw this my first thought was, “oh, that’s me.” That’s me reaching out for something that I think is so pretty and attractive, but not to be touched. I had a pastor that used to tell me all the time that I had a serious case of “tar baby syndrome,” I wanted to get my hands on everything, and once in hand it created such a mess, but there was no way to let it go. My tar baby syndrome has taught me to be quick in forgiving and asking forgiveness. I am certain there is bound to be an easier way, but this is my way. And I am the succulent reaching out for the cactus.


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