In my search for thin places, it has become obvious to me that often what you might anticipate would be Holy may not be, and that Holy lurks about in the oddest of places. But in all, you really have to be looking for it. Holy can be right there. Right in front of you, and if that’s not what you were looking for, then you will miss it.


For me that has become the discipline of being open to the thin places all the time. Sure, there are those special places that are difficult to get to, intentional even, but there are so few of them. And not everyone can go. If God is everywhere, and I believe that God is, then I believe everywhere can become Holy. What makes the difference is what we do in the places where we are. What makes the difference is how we are in those places. What makes the difference is how we are Holy to the Holy people we meet, in all the Holy places we go. Everyday.

And I believe that’s where the thin places are.



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