This is Ammeaux (Ammo). Sometimes we call him Meaux (Mo) for short.


Meaux belongs to my niece, who for educational reasons is living far from her family for a short time. Although it seems like a long time. Meaux was a gift from a caring friend, and has become her constant companion. He loves to go to the dog park. He loves to go to the beach. And he loves my niece. Meaux likes action. Meaux is willing to put up with long hours of studying, but will eventually say enough is enough and demand, even to the point of stealing my nieces tools, to go play. There is NO peace when Meaux, the 80 pound lap dog wants to play.

And my niece has learned that it is important to give in to Meaux. The quicker you give in, the quicker peace will return to the house. I wonder if God is like Meaux, waiting for us to figure all this out. That surrendering to the will of God opens up vast horizons that we are unable to imagine. And peace will come.

Go figure.


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