So on a hike with friends a few days ago, we had paused to take some images, a friend of mine commented that she loved looking for reflections. They seemed to always be there, but you often don’t see them until later. Reflections can easily be missed, initially and then make themselves known.


What is the reflection that we make upon others? I often think about that. I was at a funeral and the pastor was talking about what a great Christian the deceased had been. However, the person that I knew told the most racist jokes, was mean to almost everyone, and I never knew he went to church. He reflected nothing of what the pastor was proclaiming at his burial. How does what we do and say reflect on Christ, on Christians everywhere? Does the reflection we make reveal a faith that others would want or does it put others off? Does my reflection beckon others to Christ or away from Christ?


Our reflection can be a thin place, if its a reflection of the source of thin places.


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