Along with all of creation we are commanded to rest. And unlike a good portion of creation, we choose not to. Oh, we have very good reasons not to. There’s work, school, entertainment, there’s any number of reasons we can come up with not to rest.


The way I see it, rest was important enough that God commanded us to take a day of rest. Because we have free will we choose not to rest. We actually belittle people who take time off that is due to them, that they earned. And we are learning more and more through various research channels that rest is necessary for our survival. We need rest to recharge our bodies and our brains. For myself, I believe that discovering, creating and being aware of the “thin places” is related to our being rested enough to be open to them.

I am not good at resting. I prefer to keep on the move, but I am learning the value of rest. If it is good enough for God’s cows, then its good enough for me.


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