In my image capturing, I like taking signs. Funny signs in stores, restaurants or bars. Or just signs along the way, road side signs or advertisements. I didn’t intend to take a moving image of the Be Still sign.


Being still. I have difficulty being still. Still in a big way and still in little ways. My former dog, Lily, loved going on morning walks with me. I convince myself she enjoyed the company, but the truth probably is she liked the potential for socializing with others, and hunting bunnies. Yes, my Boxer enjoyed hunting bunnies. Actually she enjoyed staring at bunnies. She could stand still for almost 6 – 7 minutes staring at a bunny, and expected me to stay still also. At first it was frustrating. Really? Are we really just going to stand here and stare at this rabbit, endlessly.


Then it became an opportunity. I could use that time to meditate or enjoy God’s creation, particularly that bunny, while Lily was being still. There are lots of times when we should be still. Some are obvious, some not so much. It’s Friday. Take some time today. Create your own thin space. Be still.


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