I think one of the most absurd things I know of are children with “play dates.”  Because their lives, our lives have become so complex that the only way we can PLAY is to schedule it.  Now I grew up in a very organized, button downed, shipshape household.  When you came home from school you immediately did your homework and then you got to go out and play ( most of my friends got to play and then did homework).  We were not allowed to watch more that 10 hours of television a week, and that included what might be called “family time viewing” today.  I recently saw a commercial on the Internet calling for children to play outside at least 10 hours a week.  Away from the television.  Away from the computer.  Away from their phones. IMG_1029

This is one of my favorite images.  The handsome fella in the red collar is my buddy Ammeaux (ammo).  He is a beach bum kinda guy.  Here he is enjoying playing with a couple of his good friends.  They will chase one another with the ball on the beach until they collapse.  There is abandon to their play.  There is a carefree disregard for time to their play.  And while it takes some effort for their owners to schedule this play time, the dogs know nothing of that effort.  They only know of the play.  Oh, that we would recall that God gives us this reckless abandon.  

What would it take for you to find the thin place of play?



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