I gather a lot of images. And I take images of everything. Never know when you will need a random shot of something you see. And that’s not to say I don’t miss things. Saw a man on a adult sized tricycle the other day, the kind with the big basket on the back, and missed getting an image. He had on one of those furry hunting style caps with the flaps over their ears, was wearing a red and black checkered jacket, khaki short shorts. It was such a contrast that I absolutely needed the image, but missed it. It’s not that I won’t remember him, probably won’t forget him for awhile.


But I do take images to remember. I am trying to take images that help me recall where I saw God or where I experienced a thin place. Because I am convinced that they are all around and we miss them. Making note of them, by writing or photographing helps me remember the elements that made it so. Remembering helps me make it real, for me and for you. Remembering makes me realize that God is there and we simply need to notice. There are things I need to do to remember. Having you along on that journey helps.


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