We started what may become a new tradition at Thanksgiving this year.  We ate out.  At a fancy restaurant.  I know.  I know.  We went back and forth about this.  In the end the decision came about partially because of the complication of getting everyone in one place at one time, but the other part of the decision resulted from a conversation with a restaurant employee.  I was on the side of “if I eat in a restaurant those employees can’t be with their families, on what is supposed to be a family holiday.”  What the restaurant employee told me was that if he didn’t work Thanksgiving, his family would loose a day of his pay.  It wasn’t a family holiday for him, but a day that impacted the way his family lived the rest of the week.  His employer gave them a choice and would try to schedule only those that wanted to or had to work.  His employer scheduled people on a shift that would accommodate family plans. And his employer had made the decision to cook extra, so that working employees of all levels could take some home.  Our choice was to make it easier on ourselves.  And our choice impacted others far beyond our extended family and social circle.  And our choice impacted the lives of others in ways we hadn’t even considered.

Isn’t that just like every day with God?  We make these unilateral choices, unaware of how what we determine is right impacts those around us, both near and far.  IMG_3167Oh, and our meal was unlimited in choices


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