Down in the valley

Do you ever wonder why Jesus was always telling folks not to talk about what he was up to? It happens frequently throughout the text, including the transfiguration text from Matthew. Jesus and some of the guys go up on the mountain, a high mountain, and then this amazing thing occurs. Moses and Elijah show up and Jesus and the two Old Testament guys hang out, glowing all transfigured. Needless to say, Peter, James and John are a bit perplexed, and Peter, ever slow to think and quick to speak wants to erect a place for them to stay on the mountain. Clearly that is not what Jesus has in mind, nor God either. God interrupts with a cloud and the voice of God, reminding all who Jesus was.

As they are going back to the real world, down the mountain, Jesus tells them not to speak of this. Ain’t that just like Jesus! Great experience, don’t tell anyone.

And that’s not what mountain tops are for. On the mountain top we are refreshed and renewed, to reenter the world. And Jesus, as seems to be his practice, says don’t tell anyone. The one thing you absolutely want to do, you get clear instructions not to do. Maybe Jesus tells us because it is more than others understanding. Maybe Jesus tells us because we can’t quite grasp what happened and we are unable to share fully the story.

But the good news for us is someone shared the Good News, because we are here today, engaging in the life of Christ. Right here, down in the valley.   


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